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Architext has available specialized Pharmacy fonts that are capable of producing over 400 warning labels and associated advisory messages. We simply stripped out the alpha characters, numerics, and special symbols, and replaced them with graphics and statements. These specialized fonts along with bar codes are placed onto Daughter Cards, HP Flashcards, DIMMs, SIMMs, Kyocera Flashcards, etc. and are supported in the drug linkages by major data base providers such as Medi-Span and First Data Bank.

The PrescriptionSet product line will assist you by providing the necessary elements to get the most for your investment. Choose the product level that satisfies your requirements:

Base Set - Contains warning label font, two Code 3 of 9 and two UPC bar codes.

Custom Set - Complete flexibility includes the warning label font and your choice of over 10,000 fonts and bar codes from Architext's extensive library.

Sample Warning Labels and Bar Code
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