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Since 1986 Architext has been providing font and graphic solutions for laser printers and display devices. We are located in beautiful and historic San Antonio, Texas. Our primary charter has been to develop custom typefaces, provide font modifications, and digitize signatures and logos for laser printers and display devices. We have a staff of trained Font Specialists who hand create custom requests and common commercially available typeface reproductions. In the course of fifteen years we have created a library containingMagnifying Glass over 20,000 fonts including all major bar code symbologies. The majority of our library consists of original designs that resulted from custom requests. We have developed bar codes, foreign language, big number, handwriting, credit card, display devices, pharmacy warning label, and numerous other fonts that are now part of our standard library. You will also find common commercially available typefaces such as Architext versions of Helvetica™, and Times Roman™.

An area that makes our company unique is in the broad range support of laser printer manufacturers and font formats. For the desktop we support Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, and most PCL compatible laser printers. On the main frame and midrange side we support IBM, Xerox, Siemens, Kodak, and compatibles. Developing for this large variety of printer manufacturers has led to support of most every font format including; PCL4/5, PPDS, IPDS, PostScript™, TrueType™, AFP, and Xerox Centralized/Decentralized. To support these manufacturers and formats we offer most laser printer medium including; Lexmark Flash DIMMs/SIMMs, Lexmark Cartridges, HP DIMMs, HP ROM SIMMs, HP Cartridges, 1600 BPI magnetic tape, DOS floppies, Xerox Centralized Floppies, and downloadables. Operating system support includes; DOS, Windows®, Unix, OS/2, AS/400, and mainframe systems.

Architext is positioned as the one stop house for all your font requirements. If we do not have it in our current library we will modify or create it from scratch to your specifications. So, whether you are an end user requiring that special font/bar code or a laser printer reseller that needs that extra advantage to sell over the competition we have the product line that can assist. Please contact one of our Font Specialists for more information regarding Architext - call us at 210.490.2240 or fax us at 490.2242.

Click here for more information regarding the various font formats and printers we support.

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