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Zebra 3844Z Printer
Thermal Printers from Zebra®: the Technology of choice for Prescription Labeling.

Architext’s latest and most innovative product line Architext Graphics Library™ (AGL™) is fully compatible with Zebra thermal printers. AGL™ offers specialized pharmacy fonts that are capable of producing over 300(+) prescription warning labels and 13,000(+) drug imprints.

Purchase a Zebra label printer for all your prescription warning labeling needs. These fast and quiet thermal printers:

• Print high quality labels that last
• Require no other consumables
• Eliminate waste
• Reduce your paper costs by up to 50%

Zebra offers a complete range of compact, reliable, and easy-to-use printers for retail and healthcare facility pharmacies.

• LP 3844-Z™—a high-resolution (300-dpi) thermal printer that can create small text, specialized fonts, and graphics ideal for prescription labeling.
• LP 2844-Z™—the medium resolution printer for prescription labeling without complex graphics or fonts.
• LP 2824™—an ultra-compact printer that fits neatly into limited desk/counter space.
• R2844-Z™, its RFID printer/encoder cousin, suitable for in store security, supply chain visibility and anti-counterfeit policies.

Special Zebra features:

One cable – Zebra offers a special version of the LP 2844-P™ with powered USB connection. Only cable is needed for both power and computer connection – the ideal solution for the busy pharmacy workspace.

PCL – Zebra offers a special version of the LP 3844-Z™ with support for a PCL subset – ideal for plug and play with lasers.

Pharmacy Label Range – Zebra offers a unique range of thermal labels specially designed for prescription labeling

For specific information on Zebra’s Pharmacy Solutions and our Pharmacy Label Book, E-mail, or call 1.800.423.0442, and visit > retail pharmacies.