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Print professional looking forms, fonts and barcodes with your OKI Digital LED Printer and Architext custom font solutions…

Oki Data and Architext have teamed up to offer a winning combination of hardware and software that enable your OKI printer to handle specialized fonts, custom form overlays, barcodes and electronic signatures.

Architext, Incorporated
Architext is a font developer for OKI Digital LED Printers, with a focus on custom typeface/barcode development, digitization of signatures/company logos, and marketing of a custom font library.

Font Library and Catalog
Architext typeface and barcode libraries contain over 10,000 fonts including most commercially adopted typefaces and common linear bar code symbologies. Some examples include Arial®, Times Roman®, Courier, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, and Postal codes. You name it, Architext probably has it! Please call Architext to receive your fully illustrated Font & Services and Bar Code catalogs today.

Custom Font Creation
Architext’s true strength is in custom font and font modification services. Existing fonts/bar codes can be modified to meet customer specifications. If you cannot find the font you require in the catalog, Architext will create it!

Digitization ServicesTake full advantage of the capabilities of your Flash ROM-equipped OKI Digital LED Printer by reproducing signatures and logos on printed documents. By printing both the signature and letterhead graphics directly from your printer, you eliminate the need to hand-sign hundreds of letters or use costly letterhead. Architext Font Specialists will digitize, edit and load onto OKI Flash ROM within 48-hours.

Macro Development
Electronic forms can be stored on Flash memory in your OKI Digital LED printer. You can also add signatures, logos, or bar codes to the forms. In most cases, access to your forms will not require changing your datastream. The Flash memory makes pre-printed forms obsolete, allows for quick, quiet printing and saves you money.

For more information on custom forms, fonts and print solutions, contact Architext at Ph:210-490-2240 / FAX 2242, or email us at

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