Architext, Inc.
Printer Manufacturers

Architext is a font developer for Hewlett-Packard Laser Printers and display devices. Our efforts are centered around custom typeface/bar code development, digitization or signatures/company logos, and marketing of our font library.

We support the following HP font formats:

• PCL 4/5/6

• PostScript™

We support the following HP desktop laser printers:
  • HP III series
• HP 4 series
• HP 5 series
• HP 6 series
• HP 4000 series

• HP 5000 series
• HP 8000 series
• HP 1100 series
• HP 2100 series
• HP 2000 series

We support the following Types of HP Media:


HP Cartridges

We provide font and bar code solutions for HP printers. Our library contains over 10,000 fonts and bar codes including the Bar Codes and More Set. If you would like more information about our partnership with HP, visit HP's link at