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Xerox A03 Fonts

This font set contains 35 monospaced fonts. These fonts are based on the A03 bitmap font set developed by Xerox. These fonts are primarily used on Xerox printers in XES emulation. With the introduction of Xerox DocuPrint NPS series printers, PostScript™ is now a mainstream emulation in the Xerox world. A little known fact about the NPS series printers is that there is only one fixed pitch font resident on these printers - Courier. For those who have been accustom to working in XES mode on the older generation Xerox printers (9700, 9790, 8700, 8790, and 4050 laser printers), upgrading to these newer printers may require you to work in the newer PostScript™ mode. If this is so, then you will no longer have the A03 XES bitmap fonts available, nor can you migrate them into the PostScript™ emulation.

This is a limitation for those who have existing documents that use these fonts, and need to continue using these fonts fonts. By applying this set, the output from the PostScript™ emulation can now match the older output from the XES emulation.

Point Size and Pitch
We have matched our PostScript™ fonts to the older bitmap font sizes as close as possible. Each PostScript™ font has been designed for optimum usage at various sizes (samples available upon request). Please note that by increasing the point size for each of these fonts, you also increase the pitch value. Example: we may have designed a font for optimum use at 10 point, 12 CPI. If this font is scaled up to 12 point, the CPI will decrease to 10 CPI.

Each of the older XES bitmap fonts contained unique mappings or character sets. Some of these mappings had characters located below Decimal 32 / Hex 20. In the PostScript™ world, you cannot have characters below Decimal 32 / Hex 20. In order to create PostScript™ fonts that contained all the original characters within each respective font, we developed our own unique mapping.

The XES bitmap fonts were available in both Portrait and Landscape orientations. In the PostScript™ world you only require one font; this one font can be rotated along with the document to accommodate either of these orientations.

If you are interested in other fixed pitch fonts or fonts available in other formats, visit our font library.