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Signatures & Logos
Encryption Services

Once we digitize a signature or logo, we can convert the image to a font format. Just as you would type out "ABC" to type out the alphabet using a Helvetica®or Courier font, you do the same only using the new signature font. The signature is typically divided into segments, or characters (see below).

Data: A B C D

We can take this a step further by encrypting the signature into several pieces, and assigning unique character positions for each character. This will make it difficult for anyone to use the signature without knowing the text string (see below).

Data: A j 2 3 ! s z 9 X 4 6 a $ P * % Z B o M w Q

(This encryption service is provided at additional charge).

Approximate lead time is 2 working days (3 days if we add it to a hardware device). If you are intersted in our services, send us your signature or logo to the address below:

Architext, Inc.
Attention: Design Center
121 Interpark Blvd - Suite 208
San Antonio, TX 78216-1808

If you are considering adding the encrypted signature along with the Architext ArcMICR Set™ to a hardware device, let us know. We will give you our best recommendations for your specific printing environment. Any further questions, call us at (210) 490-2240 / FAX 2242, or email us at