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Since 2001, Architext has been providing font and bar code solutions for our partners at Ecometry/Escalate/Red Prairie simply known as the Ecometry Set. The Ecometry Set contains all of the bar codes and fonts created specifically for use within the Ecometry shipping software.

The Ecometry Set is also supplied on all printer hardware media including but not limited to DIMMs, Daughter Cards, Flash Cards, Cartridges, USB Thumb Drives and many more. It should also be noted that Architext can modify the Ecometry Set on a per order basis in order to include logos, signatures and additional bar codes or other fonts from our vast library.

Ecometry Set Font List

U.S. Postal Service Bar Code U.S. Postal Service Return Bar Code
Fed Ex Revenue Bar Code Fed Ex Address Bar Code
Fed Ex Ground Bar Code Fed Ex Astra Bar Code
Canadian Postal Code Bar Code Code 128 Smart Label
Code 128 Order Label OCR-A/OCR-B
Line Draw Font (2) Interleaved 2 of 5 Fonts
(3) Code 3 of 9 Fonts (2) Code 128 Fonts
Letter Gothic MICR 4

To order the Ecometry Set, please call us at (210) 490-2240 or email